30 Jun 2011

Feral Orks – Mob Structure

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Development on the Feral Orks is going well and playtesting is back on track. We’re nearly ready to go open beta with these guys but there’s a few things that need to be tidied up first. Today you can take a look over the mob structure they use.

Creating a Feral Ork Mob



These monsters are pretty much the peak of Ork physiology. Standing head and shoulders above the average Nob, they’re several dozen kilos of more of muscle and sinew but that is not without its drawbacks. These Orks are by Feral Ork standards quite intelligent, which translates in reality to being dumb as three short planks. They tend to be more assured than the average Nob as no other mob members would question his dominance as long as he’s still bigger than them. While respect isn’t quite the word for what they feel towards the Weirdboyz, they understand that with a Weirdboy in tow they win more battles and they understand that if they club the little runt over the head, horrible green lightning bolts might part their head from their shoulders..


Technically the brains behind Feral Ork society, these runty little things possess a deep connection into the Waaagh!! which gives them special abilities over Squigs, the Orky mind and occasionally the power to manifest strange and deadly effects. The bigger Feral Orks respect them for the abilities to aid in the capture of dangerous squigs and more recently, their ability to make their enemies stand still and gawp while a choppa comes for their head.

Wild Boyz

These boyz are generally bigger than the average Ork Boy and are often around the size of a new Nob. It seems that generally over time they do become a little brighter than the Fickies that they start out as. They learn from experience, albeit slowly and are generally in charge of keeping a small group of the Fickies focussed on the current beating at hand, lest they begin knocking lumps out of each other.


If there was a queue to get their supply of Cunnin’ from Gork (or Mork) in the past, these guys weren’t even near the back of the line. They were still in bed or being fascinated by a shiny piece of metal. Thicker than a space hulk hull and about as quick as frozen molasses, these guys make up the bulk of any Feral Ork mob. They understand a few concepts such as "Hit that" and yummies and a few of the brighter ones even dream of there being more yummies to come and bigger things to hit. These rare souls would be on the fast track to promotion. Except that they often get hit over the head and their yummies taken while they sit contemplating these deep philosophical issues.


Grown in the higher mountains of Angelis, these massive squigs have been domesticated by some of the more ambitious Feral Orks to help deal with the concept of how to carry as much yummies as possible back to the camp. The reasoning behind this was that if something as big as da Boss can carry this much, then something this big can carry this much back to the camp. Recently, some of them have been fitted with ballistae and other weapons to be carried into battle to help even the odds against the much shootier but runtier Orks of Mektown (Or Da Shiny Camp as the Feral Orks think of it).

Squig Riders

A few Boyz manage to develop a special relationship with some Squigs they meet out in the wilds, in that they manage to get the squig not to eat them on sight. With practice, dedication and the sacrifice of a lot of smaller squigs, these ridin’ squigs have been trained to carry a Wild Boy into battle. With a terrifying roar, a massive mouth full of teeth and the endearing habit of chewing on just about anything put in front of it, these creatures add extra mobility and punch to any mob.


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