6 Oct 2010

Orktober – Muties Week – Da Green Pitz: Healing Rules for Mutie Raiders

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In order to fight at your most effective for our goals, you must be swift. You must be strong. You must be more cunning. You must adapt faster than the Greenflesh. It is time, youngling. Step forward and be anointed…

Ta-Da!! They’re finally finished folks. Presented for the first time in their completed state with beautiful hand-drawn artwork by our good friend Clayton Tait, Da Green Pitz offers you the chance to keep your Muties fresh and ready to fight at a moments notice rather than being a barely held together lump of flesh, gripping the reigns of his brutalised mount in his scorched fingers.

Download Da Green Pitz – Healing Rules for Mutie Raiders PDF


When Eternal Vigilance plummeted through the atmosphere and the poor souls inside the fragmenting ship clung on for dear life, containment breaches of the reactor cores and waste tanks happened, mixing into the ruptured water supply.  As the ship finally struck the desert , the toxic sludge poured to the lowest point, one of the cargo bays, saturating the ship as it went. Everyone was affected. More than a few attempted to enact containment protocols to cleanse the ship but it was too late. The mix was already working it’s way into the strands of DNA, replacing base pairs and grafting in new sections with reckless abandon. Thousands died as their cells forgot how to take in oxygen or to send impulses to keep their hearts beating.

As time passed, some seemed largely unaffected. They buried the dead and decided what would be done. They would do what they had been trained to do, in the name of their Emperor and for his glory. A reconnaissance group was sent to watch over the Base, across the blistering desert. They would do their best to complete their mission and make ready for their comrades. They would attempt to rebuild a way home.

Hundreds of years passed as the Muties whiled away the decades, still bathed in radiation from the sky and the contaminated water nearby. They bred to survive the ages but in the presence of the ooze, the children became even more deformed. But to kill them would damn the mission and their comrades. No matter how freakish or terrifying, they would endure this indignity and be made whole again for their efforts. When the quarantine lifted on the field base, they approached eagerly with information which was met with fear and gunfire. Hurt, angry and despondent, they stopped being the survivors of a horrific crash that day. They became the Muties who embraced the ooze which had never abandoned them, hurt them or let them down. Within it was the wisdom of Magod and with his help, they would return to the glory of their ancestors, to once more flit amongst the stars as gods are meant to.

This document was written by Matt McPherson and contains artwork created by Clayton Tait. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license.

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  1. Orktober – Muties Week – Kitbashing Muties | The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site Says:

    […] I have a few heads from MaxMini’s mutation pack, but after trying them out I think I’m going to save them until a head replacement is required from visiting Da Green Pitz. […]

  2. Brian Says:

    Very interesting article. I agree that Muties need healing just like all the other mobs, it being left out seems like a glaring omission, or maybe it was planned for further expansions.

    I do have a question though, if this is supposed to mirror the doc’s sergery process, why does it not say anywhere that the treated wound has been healed?

  3. Flamekebab Says:

    They’re rules for healing, Matt probably didn’t feel that needed further explanation as it’s self-evident.

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