26 Oct 2010

Orktober – The Dust Rats – Dust Rat Tagz

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Now that the Dust Rat rules have been released, there’s a couple of other things we’d like give you.

We’ve created a basic set of Dust Rat Tagz to get you started. Eventually we’ll probably create an advanced pack, so if you have any suggestions, go post them in a topic about Tagz that Flamekebab created on several forums. Here’s the discussion topic for them on The Waaagh.



Basic Dust Rat Tagz – A4 PDF

Basic Dust Rat Tagz – US Letter PDF

Basic Dust Rat Tagz – raw image (PNG)


Confused as to what the hell we’re talking about? Go have a look at this post, all, or at least most, will be revealed.



If you need a blank grid for your tags you should also check out that post, but we’ll save you some time:

Blank Grid A4 PDF
Blank Grid US Letter PDF
Blank Grid raw image (PNG)

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