3 Feb 2011

‘Eet Seekaz and Hot Squigglies

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harpoon-missile_thumb[2]Straight from Citadel Journal issue 35 we bring you some new gubbinz; ‘Eet Seekaz and Hot Squigglies!

These luverly heat-seeking missiles will (hopefully) lock onto any suitable target available – trukks, traks, bikes, or even boyz with a few too many bioniks!

Of course, with these nasty things flying about the desert it’d sensible to have something to throw them off the trail. Luckily this article also introduces Hot Squigglies; delightfully flammable little squigs which can be thrown off a vehicle as a crude countermeasure against the equally primitive rockets.

Written by Craig Thompson Wood and published in January 2000 this is one of the last Gorkamorka articles to ever be published and also has the honour of being one of the only three Gorkamorka articles published this millennium.

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(Original image by cliff1066™ licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 license)


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