4 Apr 2013

Get Da Mek

Filed under: Experimental, Scenarios

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Written by Josh Wardle and found in Gubbinz #1 this scenario apparently managed to escape being published so far. Well that’s just not acceptable!

This is one of very small number of scenarios that use the “Da Rolling Road” mechanic. We should probably write a few more of those at some point.

Anyway, here’s the file:

Download PDF

(image by bushie licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Generic 2.0 license)

One Response to “Get Da Mek”

  1. CrucibleofWords Says:

    I’m not sure how the rolling road mechanic is supposed to work with this scenario. Won’t the blockade either rapidly disappear out of sight (making the unique part of the scenario moot) or hold everything up until they all disappear off the board without resolving anything?

    Aside from that, it looks like a decent scenario.

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