4 Aug 2014

Rebel Grot Pogo Stikks

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Getting one article published in the old Black Library publications was something to brag about but two, well, that’s an elite club. Sadly none of us here at tUGS can lay claim to that honour. Stefan Fergus can though! Here’s his second article, Rebel Grot Pogo Stikks. If you missed the last one it was rules for Rokkit Paks. Quite a fan of double Ks, wasn’t he?

Arguably these rules need some balancing but the idea is a fun one. In fact David Cammack sent us some photos of his pogo stikkas a little while back:

Here’s what he had to say about putting them together:

Obviously one is the easy conversion of a Bloodbowl figure as suggested I think in the pogo stikk article in Gubbinz 1.  The other 2 are scratch-built pogo stikks – made of thin plastic rod with wire wrapped around the base to make a spring and a cross-piece out of square-section rod.  I used some old plastic Warhammer goblins and added the odd pistol and some stikk bombs (the very old small grenades off the first plastic orks from long before Gorkamorka).  Pretty easy really.

Anyway, the rules can be found below:

Download PDF


2 Responses to “Rebel Grot Pogo Stikks”

  1. Redsunz2000 Says:

    I enjoyed making them. I must paint up my rebel grot surfas and send the photo in too.
    David Cammack

  2. Stefan Says:

    Wow, this brings back memories… I was a teenager when I put these “rules” together.

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