20 Aug 2014

On a roll: inline skates and Orks

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Ah the 1990s. No, don’t look at the photos, just, don’t. Oh all right then, let’s brace ourselves and drift back to that glorious time when the Spice Girls were in the charts and yo-yos and rollerblades were the coolest things ever. It was awkward but we had a lot of fun.

In making all of the articles ever published about Gorkamorka available we were sooner or later going to have to get around to posting this one. It was reprinted in Gubbinz #1 but originally appeared in Citadel Journal 28 in towards the end of 1998. It’s outlandish enough to get mentioned several times in the final issue of Citadel Journal and even came with its own warning message:


Yep, it’s BladerZ; Orks on rollerskates, written by Pete and Chris Wood. Have at it:

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