21 Apr 2010


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In December we posted a scenario from White Dwarf 216, Hunt Da Dread, from a feature of three scenarios. Since then we’ve located a copy of WD216 and can present the second scenario from it.


sandgulpers-mapHave you ever wondered what that location was supposed to be?

Out in the desert, many miles from the Skid, there is a grim deserted region known as Gulkartslag: the vehicle graveyard. The area is littered with ancient wrecks and the bones of the dead for miles around. It is a place of immense danger, but also holds immense wealth. An Ork mob brave (or stupid) enough to risk the terrors of Gulkartslag can bring home a veritable mountain of scrap to sell to the Meks. Of course, that’s if they survive!

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Random fact – at the time of writing, the location has only got one result on Google. Bizarre.

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