19 Dec 2023

How do I find other Gorkamorka players?

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This question gets asked time and again and I’m starting to suspect that it’s time to share a lesson I learned long ago:

You don’t.

By which I mean that Gorkamorka isn’t 40K – it’s not a game people play every week for years. People join a campaign, play for a few months, and then stop. A few years later they might play another campaign. There’s only a small number of insane people like me who could be considered “Gorkamorka players” because they’re always up for playing and have a stable of mobs ready to go. That ain’t normal!

Instead what usually works is for one or two people to get enthused about the game, gather together the necessary resources (terrain, rulebooks, maybe some spare minis), and then recruit people to join the campaign they want to run. I’ve done it myself on multiple occasions and can definitely vouch for it.

The game isn’t dead, it just has a different lifecycle from games like 40K.

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  1. Peppe Mea Says:

    Yup. Me and some friends play gorkamorka once or two times at year. Back in the days, we even organized a little campaign when our association was still open.

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