19 Jan 2023

What Happened to Gorkamorka?

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Interested in the sordid history of how Gorkamorka came to exist?

Maybe “sordid” is a bit much but it’s quite the story. Aaron “Lenoon” Bowen and Liam “Corrode” Royle have put together this exhaustively researched mammoth pair of articles (About 19,000 words between ’em!).

It covers both how Gorkamorka came to exist, where it fit into the grand strategy GW were attempting, and the ultimate fallout, interspersed with quotes from many of the important figures in the story. We might get a mention in there too…

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  1. Sethv Says:

    I thought this was a great read and I hope it brings more attention to Gorkamorka. With the GCE having just released it’s a great time for folks to get exposed to this classic!

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