1 Jul 2010

Another painted Kromlech Orc War II head

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All of Grimlug’s Lads are now painted and based (where appropriate) and so I present the second of two Orks using the Kromlech Orc War II heads, Skrognik.

He uses a 40K Ork biker arm and carries an old metal choppa on his back (Gorkamorka weapon sprue). It’s attached using a small section of plasticard tubing and is probably removable without damaging the model, uh, probably..

Once again I used grey_death’s rust painting technique, as seen on all of Grimlug’s mob.

His right hand was done through very careful scalpel work and a little bit of cutting and gluing. I rather like the result and feel it is entirely appropriate for an overly cocky Ork yoof!

skrognik-1 skrognik-2

skrognik-3 skrognik-4

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