13 Jan 2010

Mad Meks – New Gubbinz

Filed under: Experimental, House Rules, Modelling

workshopHere’s a two-part article that I think was originally published in White Dwarf, unfortunately we currently don’t have access to those, so this version comes from Gubbinz and therefore is in black and white. It was originally in two bits but we’ve included both parts in the PDF below, worry ye not.

It covers rules and how to model some extra gubbins, including wheel slashas and boosta rokkits, amongst other random odds and ends.

Download PDF


(image by rpeschetz licensed under a Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 license)


2 Responses to “Mad Meks – New Gubbinz”

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    […] ago when the site was fairly new we posted Mad Meks as taken from Gorkamorka Gubbinz #1. Since then serious effort has gone into acquiring the articles […]

  2. Mad Meks 2 | The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site Says:

    […] article have the same price one has to wonder whether there’s a typo. It hasn’t been updated in Gubbinz #1 but it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a proof reader would pick up on […]

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