22 Apr 2011

New stuff from MaxMini and Kromlech

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It’s been some time since we had a look at what sort of stuff is available and useful for Gorkamorka. Sure, we mentioned Ramshackle Games a few days ago, but MaxMini and Kromlech have certainly been busy too!

We’ve gone through and picked out the things we could find that have recently been released and are relevant. There’s plenty of other stuff that’s been released, but these were the things we felt were most appropriate.

Kromlech have continued work on their Orc War II theme, producing some more heads: helmy2

They’re Orc Veterans in helmets and can be had here, we assume they’re be on the MaxMini store eventually. They’ve also done some nice backpacks to accessorise your boyz, but our favourites are the new legs – running legs!


Static legs do get a bit boring, don’t they? Speaking of legs, Dok Kromlech has a few more bitz your injured boyz might like:


Leg replacements and some rather meaty power klaws. Not bad at all!

Recently both Kromlech and MaxMini have released some melee weapons that we think would suit Muties to a T. There’s some cool MaxMini steampunk axes and swords:


Then there’s the Stygian two-handed weapons (on the left) and the Khopesh vibro glaives:


The Stygian ones are only available on the Kromlech eBay shop at the moment, but they are available.

Finally on the Mutie front there’s these two:


The swords on the left are Post-apocalyptic Rippers while those on the right are Khopesh vibro swords.

Lastly MaxMini have been releasing some stuff that would be perfect for any Imperial Guard stuff, but also would look great amongst a Dust Rat mob (although not on every model – that’d get a little too uniform).

commando_cast_2cor anzac

Commando heads – pretty good for Commanding Officers or Veterans, or just for Grunts that would want to give a bit of a professional look to.
ANZAC heads – I don’t know about you, but I would think that a hat like that would be ideal of those sunny days on an isolated rock of a planet like Angelis.

Combat Armour Torsos:


At last, a way to represent the armour available without looking very Imperial.

There you have it. Hopefully we haven’t missed anything.

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