14 Apr 2010

Painted Kromlech Claw Arm

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We’ve had a few bioniks come up in our GoMo campaign so far, but most haven’t been painted yet. In a previous game during an intensive day of play (we managed about five games, one of which will have a battle report) one of Grimlug’s Ladz received a claw arm. Now there’s plenty of power klaw models out there, but we wanted to try out one of the new Kromlech claw arms (available from MaxMini), so a hand was dipped into the communal bitz box.

Flamekebab posted some images of his finished yoof with claw arm along with some step-by-step photos over on the MaxMini forum last night, he’s contributed to this site before and was more than happy to let us use his images:

claw-arm-unpainted-2 claw-arm-unpainted
After undercoating the arm in black, it was lightly painted with Tin Bitz (GW) (not fully painted, not quite drybrushed).

claw-arm-tinbitz-1 claw-arm-tinbitz-2
Then it was drybrushed with Gunmetal Metal (Vallejo):

The rest of the model was painted and then rust was added to the model’s metal surfaces. This was done using this method.

claw-arm-finished-1 claw-arm-finished-2 claw-arm-finished-3

There you have it. Click on the images for bigger versions.

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  1. Flamekebab Says:

    I’ve also put a lot of rust on Grimlug’s Ladz’ trak, Spike. I’ll see about some photos of it soon.

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