22 Jun 2010

Painted Kromlech Iron Mask

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IMG_4266One of Grimlug’s Lads received some head trauma that was more severe than usual recently and ended up with a headwound making him relatively unreliable in combat. Not prepared to lose out on a mob member, Grimlug forced him into serjery and the result was truly unpleasant, so much so that young Wazbag now causes fear.

Wazbag can be seen here sporting his new iron mask and there’s probably some joke that could be made here about the ork in da iron mask, but it’s a little contrived.

The head is from Kromlech, it’s one of the three heads available in the Clanking Destroyers sets. You might have seen them on here back in May, there’s two other designs in addition to this rather fetching little number.

Currently there’s no word on whether these heads are going to be released separately but it seems several people have requested them so perhaps there’s hope.

IMG_4264 IMG_4267 IMG_4269

2 Responses to “Painted Kromlech Iron Mask”

  1. Deathrace King Says:

    Great rust effects on the mask!

  2. Flamekebab Says:

    Thanks, I used a method I found on DakkaDakka:

    All of Grimlug’s Lads use rust effects. Nice and grimy!

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