18 Jan 2015

Rusty old bionikz

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Gorkamorka gyro-stabilised monowheelIf you haven’t already you might find it fun to take a look at the Gorkamorka index. It’s based on work found on the (now defunct) GameHobby.net section “Exodite’s Gorkamorka Index“. The updated version over on /r/Gorkamorka’s wiki has some gaps in it but over time they’re being slowly filled in.

Today one more entry can be crossed off – Doc’s Serjery from White Dwarf 221. It’s only a single page but it does hold the distinction of being one of the only places the painted bioniks have appeared. Back when Gorkamorka was being sold these were sold in a mixed blister pack for £6 – about £9.50 adjusted for inflation!

GW did make bioniks for Orks before this (in 1992) but as far as we know none of those old parts were reproduced to create this line, despite being about the same scale. Anyway, if you’d like to see the sorts of things that were available back then (and why we praise Kromlech’s bioniks by comparison!) take a look at the single page PDF below.

Download PDF


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