12 Nov 2009

Sculpted Gorkamorka-exclusive weapons

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When preparing for our Gorkamorka campaign we ran into a minor issue – modern 40K orks don’t have kannons or six-shootas. There’s other weapons like crossbows too, but those two were the biggies.
I have some old GM kannons, but they look positively weedy in the hands of a modern ork boy. I’m wondering how others get around this issue?

My personal solution was to sculpt my own kannon and cast it in resin:


I think my second attempt has gone significantly better, my resin pouring skills are still lacking, but I feel the mould came out much better on this six-shoota. Hopefully you guys will like it:


2 Responses to “Sculpted Gorkamorka-exclusive weapons”

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    […] Gorog finally stepped out, ready to face all comers. Armed with a rusty kannon (cast in resin from this mould), a club (from an Ork biker) and a backpack of krak stikkbombs, this Gorker is not to be trifled […]

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    […] first is a standard pump-action design that some of you might remember Flamekebab sculpting and attempting to cast a long time ago. Then there‚Äôs a single barrelled weapon, as many cheap kannons are and lastly a drum magazine one […]

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