24 Apr 2016

Vehicle Bitz from Fox Box

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It’s been a while since we singled out a company for their excellent Gorkamorka bitz (five years!) but now seems as good a time as any. Fox Box has been working with Craig “Kiblams” Dolan to put together a range of vehicle bitz for those of you interested in scratchbuilding or converting vehicles. First we’ve got these amazing V8 engines:

Fox Box Engines

By my deeds, I honour him.

Then there’s wheels. Currently they’re in two sizes – medium and large. The mediums are about the size of the front wheels on a modern 40K Ork Trukk and the large are on par with the back wheels. The mediums are also about the size of the big wheels on Gorkamorka-era vehicles (like Rebel Grot ones) so they should be fairly versatile:

Fox Box Medium War Rig WheelsFox Box Medium Worn Wheels

Fox Box Armoured Truck Wheels

Fox Box does a load of other stuff too but this stuff is new and most relevant right now. We’ve also just added Flamekebab’s Gorkamorka Alternate Models List to the side bar – it’s pretty exhaustive if you’re looking for bitz.

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  1. SebastionSynn Says:

    Omg! Those are gorgeous. I need them, like, last week.

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