9 Oct 2012

Orktober 2012 GoMo Tournament reminder

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Back in June we told you about a Gorkamorka tournament happening here in the UK – good news, it’s still on!


27th and 28th October, 10 – 6 at Warhammer World. If you want to take part you should sign up and confirm here.

With any luck some of us from tUGS will be there but it depends on whether we’re able to sort out transport down to Nottingham.

Sign-up thread


2 Responses to “Orktober 2012 GoMo Tournament reminder”

  1. Ash Says:

    I don’t think I can make it this year. Does anyone play GoMo a little closer to Devon? I have collected a few ork mobs plus rebel grots, mutie and digga mob. Just need more people to play the game with…

  2. MrGonzo Says:

    What was the outcome? ^_^

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