30 Jul 2015

Revising the Ork Outlaw MC rules

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What’s the old saying? “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” ?

The same is true of gaming rules, as we all know. Azzabat and his fellow gamers in Bristol have been playing Gorkamorka with Flamekebab’s Ork Outlaw MC rules and hammering them on the anvil of experience. What started out as a few questions has got well out of hand and ended up as a fully-fledged revision effort.

Current changes:

  • Bad Meks now cost 8 Teef, not 12.
  • Mektown: Bad Meks may carry out D3 upgrades/repairs rather than visiting Mektown.
  • Nomads can generate income just like Full Patch Members (D6)
  • Banditz rule: riders are now able to shoot even if they turned during the movement phase.
  • Fell off da back of a trukk… rule: All gear gets a discount of 1 Toof (Weapons, armour, gubbinz)
  • Glyph Tatz – Snakebite changed entirely (“When passing within 1” of a model on foot he may make a single attack with a hand-to-hand weapon in addition to the effects of the squashing rules”).
  • Glyph Tatz – Blood Axe changed entirely (“This Ork is has a strategic streak – he may shoot at any point during his movement.”).
  • Nice Place Ya Got ‘Ere… skill may be taken by Nomads
  • Leadership challenge conditions changed: “If the mob’s profit is lower than half the Prezident’s leadership (rounding up)”

There’s a forum topic on YakTribe for the revision and the document itself can be viewed and commented on here:
(No Google account required)


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