11 Apr 2013

Gorka-forta: Building Gorkamorka forts and Mektown buildings

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139bIf you’ve ever even flicked through the pages of Da Uvver Book you’ll know that having a fort is one of the best things about Gorkamorka. The original game came with a cardboard one but that’s really more of a stop-gap until the glue has dried on the one on the workbench, ain’t it?

Originally from Citadel Journal 27 this article was primarily credited to Gary James, the founder of Terragenesis. There’s even a link to their old URL – altdorf.com/terragenesis

Of course that particular domain is long gone these days. Terragenesis is still accessible and the two forts featured in the original piece still have articles there with even more photos:

Gorkamorka Fort 1 (by Nikki, James, and Minkus)

Gorkamorka Fort 2 (by Mark and Stunty)

It was also republished in Gubbinz bundled with an article from White Dwarf 215 entitled “Mektown Madness: Markus’ Fort”. We’re working on getting hold of that article separately (the CJ article is reproduced identically in Gubbinz).

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