17 May 2013

The Life of Brian

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Before Gorkamorka Orks were still green but their appearance was much less brutish. The new savageness was brought to life by a particular sculptor – Brian Nelson, or at least that’s who this White Dwarf attributes it to.

Orks went from this sort of thing:

To this:


Originally published in White Dwarf 216 (December 1997) this four page article isn’t just about GoMo but it’s a solid read nonetheless.

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5 May 2013

Gorkamorka Summer Weekend 2013

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Flash_Git is up to no good again!

Well, no, not really. He’s trying to sort out details that work for everyone for this Summer’s GoMo tournament. As per usual it’ll be happening at Warhammer World over a weekend.

The following dates are on the table at the moment:

  • 6th and 7th July
  • 3rd and 4th August
  • 28th and 29th September

However if none of those work for you there’s still hope. The poll only opened about seventeen hours ago so head over to the topic and cast your vote:


Also at the moment registrations on The Waaagh are closed. Leave a comment if you’re trying to register and we’ll see about helping you out.

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19 Apr 2013

Shields in Gorkamorka

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In Gorkamorka there’s only a limited number of options when it comes to body armour. Generally it’s not worth bothering with if you’re playing as Orks. Natural toughness and a stubborn unwillingness to die provide ample protection and that money could be better spent on more killy stuff!

olQBYuBlThat said, there’s shields. They provide a saving throw against hand to hand weapons and things like bows (see page 59 of Da Roolz for details in full). More than that though they give the warrior a parry. Those familiar with Necromunda or the Dust Rat rules will already know what that is – an opponent can be forced to re-roll one of their attack dice in hand to hand. Given that a high roll can be the difference between victory and death it makes all the difference!

Shields also have the advantage of only costing 1 toof and looking well ‘ard too!

Of course at the moment when it comes to shields it would seem Warhammer Fantasy mostly has a monopoly on them. That wasn’t really the style that Flamekebab was after so he produced these:


They’re available on Fox Box in the three designs pictured. As you can see in these other photos they’re sized for 28mm greenskins and probably fit with parts from other manufacturers who do the same scale.


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15 Apr 2013

Mad Meks 2

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Another “from the archives” piece this time – the second of Gav Thorpe’s Mad Meks articles (from White Dwarf 220). The following gubbinz can be found in the PDF:

  • Spiky Wheels
  • Turnin’ Hook
  • Spike Droppa
  • Boosta Rokkit

The Turnin’ Hook seems vaguely useful although mostly for awesomely Orky tactics but 5 teef does seem bizarrely high. Given that all the gubbinz in this article have the same price one has to wonder whether there’s a typo. It hasn’t been updated in Gubbinz #1 but it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a proof reader would pick up on anyway.

The Spike Droppa costs the same and is a fairly puny area denial weapon (S2 hits on infantry, D3 S3 hits on vehicle wheels/tracks) – some how that doesn’t seem right. Similarly the Boosta Rokkits are single use with a serious risk of causing real damage to the vehicle they’re mounted on. The pricing just seems off on all of these things so perhaps an FAQ ruling will be needed at some point.

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14 Apr 2013

Mad Meks 1

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Long ago when the site was fairly new we posted Mad Meks as taken from Gorkamorka Gubbinz #1. Since then serious effort has gone into acquiring the articles we’ve were missing so we’re going back and filling in the blanks at last!

Whilst these rules are the same as the one in Gubbinz this version is the original from White Dwarf 217, written by Gav Thorpe.

In this article you’ll find rules for the following gubbinz:

  • Mine layers (frag/krak)
  • Shoutas
  • Scrab Grabber
  • Wheel Slashas

Interestingly one of the gubbinz in the article, Shoutas, actually allows a vehicle to cause Fear. In order to board a leadership test would need to be passed. That might actually be somewhat game breaking when it comes to Rebel Grots – their Leadership is extremely low and they rely on boarding in combination with their Pilin’ On rules to even the odds.

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