Every now and again we post a link to some new model or fun conversion bitz that have come to our attention. We’ve not been doing that lately though because in the time between tUGS’ founding and now there’s been a veritable explosion of parts. There’s still lots of gaps but in many areas you guys are spoilt for choice.

The problem is that there hasn’t been a central list of what’s out there. Not any more!

Our own Flamekebab has attempted to compile an exhaustive list on the subreddit wiki. In time we may host it on our server instead (with his permission) but for now you’ll have to head over to the page on Reddit:

Alternative models list

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A question that comes up time and again when wargamers are looking to get into Gorkamorka is this one:

Do I need to use the original trukk model or is the new “Ork Wartrukk” model okay?

The  answer is really simple:

All models are fine.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the old trukk, the new one, or a piece of toast with a wheel at each corner. Smaller vehicles are easier to manoeuvre around the board and big ones offer more space for passengers.

In fact, on pages 46 and 47 of Da Uvver Book this picture can be seen:

Gorkamorka development mobs

“Some of the Games Workshop staff’s Gorkamorka mobs in all their glory. If you look closely at the models in this photo, you’ll notice many vehicle conversions and wacky paint schemes which might give you inspiration when you build your own mob.”

They’re all perfectly legal for play, whatever they’re made of.

As you’ve probably guessed by now – GoMo is not a very prescriptive game. It’s a WYSIWYG game (“What You See Is What You Get”) – warriors have to be modelled with their weapons and equipment, the same with vehicles. As long as the vehicle looks about right you’re good to go!

(It might be worth noting that movement speed doesn’t scale. A big trukk still moves six inches on gas engines just like a small one. As a result small vehicles will seem faster.)



When it comes to Gorkamorka there’s something that’s often overlooked – it wasn’t only released in English. We’re not sure how many languages were supported but so far the list runs to French, German (Thanks, Morx!), Italian, and Spanish. Flamekebab even has a copy of “Skavanob” kicking around apparently!

We’re not much help if you don’t speak English but we’ve recently found a blog publishing scans of lots of the old Gorkamorka content in French. From what we can tell it doesn’t have a fancy name but then again, we don’t speak French! Find it here:


There’s also a Google Drive archive of their uploads here:


(Thanks to CrucibleOfWords for pointing out that we forgot the other sources link!)

19 Sep 2013

Gorkamorka Winter Bash 2013

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There’s another UK Gorkamorka meetup on the cards, folks. As per usual it’ll be at Warhammer World, GW’s HQ in Nottingham.

From the Facebook event:

Two days of general of Orky Mayhem exclusively dedicated to Gorkamorka.

  • -Players are invited to create their own factions and bring along pre-existing mobs.
  • -Players to abide by roolz of orky spirit and ‘onour.
  • -Starting mobs to be created using 125 teef

Saturday 30th November 10.00am – 8.00pm and Sunday 1st December 10.00am – 6.00pm.

Another topic on The Waaagh has been repurposed for the subject if that’s your thing, for anyone else there’s an event on the Gorkamorka Facebook group:



28 Jul 2013

More Mutie guns

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MaxMini just updated their site and I was having a browse through their catalogue to see what was new. This may have been out a while or could be brand new, either way, it looks nifty:

MaxMini Steam Rifles

They’re MaxMini Steam Rifles and by the looks of things would be ideal armaments for Muties. At the moment a pack of ten will set you back just over a fiver.