santa_ork_thumbPerhaps wherever you are it’s the most wonderful time of year but on Angelis… Well, are you a fan of Futurama?

Back in November 2006 a scenario was posted by fattdex and we’ve been planning on expanding it out into a full PDF release since about this time last year. We also saw that Ian Mackey had created the wonderful drawing of just the kind of character we were after and he graciously licensed the art under CC so we could include it. Well this year we managed to get everything to come together just in time for the start of December so hopefully some of you will get a chance to play it.

This scenario is for two players with Santa Klawz acting as a Notmob. There’s Elvz, explosions, and ever so much festive carnage!

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This document was adapted with permission by Benjamin Fox and Liam Davenport from a scenario written by Jayden Barr. Both this document and the original rules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 license.

The “Santa Ork” artwork was created by Ian Mackey and is also under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 license. The layout was made by Benjamin Fox using images created by Jenny Mathiasson and is also licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported license.

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12 Oct 2014

Q4 2014 Gorkamorka Meet

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A bit short notice on this one, sorry folks, but it’s good news!

Mark has organised another Gorkamorka meet at Warhammer World on November 1st 2014.

For details check out either the Facebook post about it or the topic on The Waaagh.

25 Aug 2014


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Gubbinz contained a fairly mixed bag of new content but this article arguably brings the most advanced stuff to the table. It’s a bridge between Gorkamorka and Necromunda, merging Necromundan gangs into the world of Gorkamorka. It was written by Colin Stutt and by the looks of it quite a lot of thought went into it.

Arguably the most game-changing concept that carries over is the concept of Heavies. In Necromunda shooting is much more deadly and the arsenal available can be downright dastardly – not so much in Gorkamorka! Being able to bring things like lascannons to the table could well change the game dynamics substantially. It’s probably not wise to be in the open when testing the idea though – getting run over by a trukk full of Orks tends to ruin a warrior’s day!

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Ah the 1990s. No, don’t look at the photos, just, don’t. Oh all right then, let’s brace ourselves and drift back to that glorious time when the Spice Girls were in the charts and yo-yos and rollerblades were the coolest things ever. It was awkward but we had a lot of fun.

In making all of the articles ever published about Gorkamorka available we were sooner or later going to have to get around to posting this one. It was reprinted in Gubbinz #1 but originally appeared in Citadel Journal 28 in towards the end of 1998. It’s outlandish enough to get mentioned several times in the final issue of Citadel Journal and even came with its own warning message:


Yep, it’s BladerZ; Orks on rollerskates, written by Pete and Chris Wood. Have at it:

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15 Aug 2014

Illuminations – John Wigley

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Exodite’s Gorkamorka Index is pretty good but digging through a stack of old White Dwarfs revealed that it was missing a few things. Mostly it was just preview things (we’ll put them up in a bit for completeness sake) but there was one piece that caught our attention: Illuminations – John Wigley.

This article is a little like one we posted last year: The Life of Brian. That covered sculpting but dealt with more than just Gorkamorka and similarly this piece on John Wigley isn’t just about the art of Gorkamorka. It actually pre-dates the release of GoMo by a few months as it was published in White Dwarf 212; ostensibly the August issue but more likely released in July.


Given the nature of it the file size is a bit on the large size: 18 MB. Not much of a problem these days but might cause some problems on tablets and mobile devices.

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