There’s rumbling on the Facebook group about the next meetup although a date hasn’t been settled on just yet. If you’re interested pop over and let the guys know when works for you.

Last time was apparently a proper bash and there’s a full report over on YakTribe courtesy of ineptmule.

The meetups take place at Warhammer World in Nottingham:

When Gorkamorka was first released the Necrons didn’t officially exist, although GW had toyed with the aesthetic in Space Crusade for their Chaos Androids. They’d been planned though and hidden amongst the artwork for Gorkamorka was something rather familiar to modern players…


It was several months after Gorkamorka was released before the Necrons were launched. By modern standards it was a pretty subdued affair – initially there were only Necron Warriors and Scarabs. As part of that release push there was this showcase article on some rather good Necron-themed terrain, complete with an in-progress Adeptus Paleologos dig site. It’s from White Dwarf 220 and features the work of Dave Andrews, Owen Branham, and Mark Jones.

Heads up for those on mobile connections and similar – the file is about 15 MB.

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20 Jan 2015

White Dwarf snippet: Mutie greens

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When digging through old issues of White Dwarf there’s more than just articles to be found. Every now and again there’s something hiding somewhere else that isn’t really worth documenting in the index but is too interesting to completely ignore. Here’s one of those little snippets:

Muties sighted (White Dwarf 221)It’s from White Dwarf 221, May 1998, so presumably the photos are from April, perhaps earlier. It’s a bit of a shame that they never released the Mutie steeds without saddles (as the photo shows the saddles were added to casts of the steeds). They’d have been handy for a bit of themed terrain, don’t you think?


18 Jan 2015

Rusty old bionikz

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Gorkamorka gyro-stabilised monowheelIf you haven’t already you might find it fun to take a look at the Gorkamorka index. It’s based on work found on the (now defunct) section “Exodite’s Gorkamorka Index“. The updated version over on /r/Gorkamorka’s wiki has some gaps in it but over time they’re being slowly filled in.

Today one more entry can be crossed off – Doc’s Serjery from White Dwarf 221. It’s only a single page but it does hold the distinction of being one of the only places the painted bioniks have appeared. Back when Gorkamorka was being sold these were sold in a mixed blister pack for £6 – about £9.50 adjusted for inflation!

GW did make bioniks for Orks before this (in 1992) but as far as we know none of those old parts were reproduced to create this line, despite being about the same scale. Anyway, if you’d like to see the sorts of things that were available back then (and why we praise Kromlech’s bioniks by comparison!) take a look at the single page PDF below.

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10 Jan 2015

Da Grudge scenario

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About six months ago we posted the first of Eren Kauptland’s scenarios, Da Bridge, and hopefully you liked it. Today we’ve got the other one for you – Da Grudge.

If you’ve got a couple of mobs that are always at each other’s throats, well, more so than usual, this might be the one for you. Sticks and stones may break my bones but that’s nothing compared to a choppa to the face!

Much like its predecessor this scenario comes from the Gorkamorka Heritage Project. With any luck we’ll be able to clear out a load of the backload throughout 2015 and get cracking on all the amazing newer stuff that’s out there. Check out one of the forum threads that Flamekebab has created about the project to learn more – The Waaagh, Specialist Games, DakkaDakka.

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