Over on YakTribe hreikin has been working on a document full of optional vehicle rules in an attempt to create a bit of diversity. He doesn’t have access to many playtesters though so it’d be great if some of you could take a look and give him a hand with some feedback!

The document is here:


9 Oct 2016


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Fox Box FrankenorkAs the nights grow longer there’s more time that monstrous creatures can prowl unseen. In this case though it’s probably more interested in fungus tea and some peace and quiet…

Remember our Frankenork scenario from six years ago? Well one of our lot sculpted Da Monster for a competition a little while back. It’s a direct adaptation of the artwork though so he couldn’t just get copies made for sale without securing permission. That’s all sorted now though (Cheers, Clayton!) and now Da Monster is up for sale over on Fox Box.

To commemorate this we’ve laid out the scenario in the new template and given it a bit of polish. Call it version 1.1 if you like!

Download PDF


These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Benjamin Fox, Ross Graham, and Matthew McPherson. The artwork was created by Clayton Tait. The layout was made by Benjamin Fox using images created by Jenny Mathiasson and is also licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

7 Sep 2016

3D Printing Turny Gubbinz

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Last week on the Gorkamorka Facebook group a certain Tommy Blom was asking after some measurements and before we knew it posted this:

Tommy Blom's Turny Gubbinz on Thingiverse

Yep – a 3D model ready for printing! Amazing what we can do these days.

Better still the model is under a Creative Commons Attribution license (3.0) so we’re free to share it however we like (as long as we give Tommy credit of course):

Download STL files

Here’s Tommy’s own print:

Ziddan's printed Turny Gubbinz

Incidentally if you’re interested in scans of the original Gorkamorka templates can be found here (make sure your printer is set to scale the document to 100% – not more or less).

It’s not often we see a video battle report for Gorkamorka but Craig has done us proud over on his Kiblams YouTube Channel. Da UN (Ugly Nastiez) face off against Da Gold Toofs in a civil discussion regarding salvage rights:

Here’s a direct link to the video in case the embedding doesn’t work for you.

24 Apr 2016

Vehicle Bitz from Fox Box

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It’s been a while since we singled out a company for their excellent Gorkamorka bitz (five years!) but now seems as good a time as any. Fox Box has been working with Craig “Kiblams” Dolan to put together a range of vehicle bitz for those of you interested in scratchbuilding or converting vehicles. First we’ve got these amazing V8 engines:

Fox Box Engines

By my deeds, I honour him.

Then there’s wheels. Currently they’re in two sizes – medium and large. The mediums are about the size of the front wheels on a modern 40K Ork Trukk and the large are on par with the back wheels. The mediums are also about the size of the big wheels on Gorkamorka-era vehicles (like Rebel Grot ones) so they should be fairly versatile:

Fox Box Medium War Rig WheelsFox Box Medium Worn Wheels

Fox Box Armoured Truck Wheels

Fox Box does a load of other stuff too but this stuff is new and most relevant right now. We’ve also just added Flamekebab’s Gorkamorka Alternate Models List to the side bar – it’s pretty exhaustive if you’re looking for bitz.