4 Apr 2013

Get Da Mek

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Written by Josh Wardle and found in Gubbinz #1 this scenario apparently managed to escape being published so far. Well that’s just not acceptable!

This is one of very small number of scenarios that use the “Da Rolling Road” mechanic. We should probably write a few more of those at some point.

Anyway, here’s the file:

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(image by bushie licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Generic 2.0 license)

18 Jun 2011

Dark Night

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It’s been a while but today we’d like to bring you the last scenario ever published by Games Workshop for Gorkamorka from Citadel Journal 38, July 2000.

Written by Nicholas Piachaud and Dalga Faik, this scenario is based on From Dusk till Dawn, a film many of you are familiar with. As IMDB puts it:

Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with chaotic results.

It’s not quite that simple though, as it is also influenced by Aliens and the like. There’s Tyranid genestealers, genestealer hybrids, and assorted chaos. Designed for mobs with high ratings it’s a toughie and could possibly be classified as mini-campaign, as it’s a two parter. Have a read, give it a go, and let us know what you make of it.

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7 Mar 2011

Born to be Waaaild!

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Have you seen Mad Max 2?

If you haven’t, stop reading this and go watch it.


Right, now you’re up to speed with the rest of us who love Gorkamorka. There’s a third film too, if you’re interested. There might even be more on their way, if they ever get out of development hell!

This scenario is based on part of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, in which a tanker full of oil must be escorted away from a gang of fuel-hungry nutters. It’s a pretty solid premise for a GoMo scenario and so back in March 2000 this article was published in Citadel Journal 36, written by Peter Hurrell.

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Like the picture? It’s done by Australian artist Wayne Dowsent. You can find his site here where you can get prints of it and all the other good stuff he’s done.

It’s the weekend and we’ve got something for you – Da Grodkart, by Andrew Stickland. You might remember his name from the start of the year – he was the author of a scenario called “Nob Uv Da Kop”, amongst other things.

Anyway, this is a significant step up – it’s a mini campaign for Gorkamorka designed for two rival Ork mobs. Sadly Oddmobz have to sit this one out.

It was first published in Citadel Journal 33, in 1999, and would probably have ended up in Gubbinz #2. If anyone knows the story of what happened to Gorkamorka Gubbinz #2 we’d be interested to know.

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16 Nov 2010

Da Mork Mobile

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da-mork-mobile It’s been a while since we last posted anything, but after the amount of work we put in last month we felt it best to catch up on real life things, remind loved ones that we were still alive, and possibly show up for work to keep roofs over our heads!

Today we give you “Da Mork Mobile” written by James Griffiths, a scenario that probably would have made it into the second issue of Gorkamorka Gubbinz, if there had ever been another. It comes from Citadel Journal 34, from November 1999, making it eleven years old this month, and as far as we’re aware has so far not been posted online anywhere.

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frankenork-da-monsterHappy Halloween, everyone!

Today we present for your consideration the tale of Doktor Sheller and his unnamed creation in the scenario “Frankenork”.

It’s the final bit of content we’re releasing during Orktober. It’s been a great month and the response we’ve had from the community has been fantastic. Hopefully we’ve inspired some of you to create stuff, you’ve certainly provided lots of inspiration for us.

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These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Ben Fox, Ross Graham, and Matt McPherson. The artwork was created by Clayton Tait and the layout graphics were created by Ben Fox.

We hope you’re all having a good Halloween weekend. We’ve got another scenario for you but we’re a little busy (Halloween party at tUGS HQ!) so we can’t release it until tomorrow. However, fear not, for ScottM96 is here to help.

He’s written a rather awesome Halloween scenario for Gorkamorka::

Da Zombie Aporkalypse


See you tomorrow!

night-of-da-living-scrapHad he been going to bed earlier every night? Had he been sleeping later?

One of the Mekboys has been very, very busy…

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These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Ben Fox, Ross Graham, and Matt McPherson. The artwork was created by Clayton Tait and the layout graphics were created by Ben Fox.

Here’s a scenario written specifically for the Dust Rats that you might enjoy. The defender has to defend an SSV cut off from a convoy until the necessary repairs can be completed – looks like an ideal opportunity for some of the other denizens of Da Skid!

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These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Matt McPherson with assistance from Ben Fox who also created the layout graphics.

green-pitz-illustrationWe hope you’re having a good Orktober so far, we certainly are. Here’s the scenario we mentioned at the start of the week and as it happens, this is our 100th post on the site, huzzah!

Mutie captives have pretty dismal prospects as it is, but the existence of the sacrificial pools is something few ever hear of, dead men tell no tales, after all…

Matt has written a scenario to play should one of your mob members be unlucky enough to be captured by Muties. No longer is there only Convoy as you can at last take the fight to the Muties.

This scenario is also the first to be released by us that contains Notmobz – NPC characters that operate independently of both players. It’s just a simple one here, but we’ve got bigger things in store in future.

We’re assuming you know how rescue scenarios work, if not, see pages 100 and 101 of Da Uvver Book, but you don’t need us to tell you that, do you?

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These rules and artwork are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Matt McPherson, the artwork created by Clayton Tait and the layout graphics were created by Ben Fox.

(Photo by quinn.anya licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike)

tim-cammack This concludes our series of scenarios from Tim Cammack, although if there’s any more good stuff from him out there, please let us know. We’d love to hear from him, if he’s out there somewhere in the world as it’d be nice to be able to share our appreciation for his work. To encourage him to get in touch we’re providing a photo from the late 90s. The big question now is..
..have you seen this man?

This final scenario has players trying to get their grubby meathooks on tasty, tasty meat squigs:

News has just hit town that a Mob is herding big Meat Squigs out in the desert. Meat Squigs can feed a Mob for a whole week. The race is on to try and bag as many Squigs as possible, without paying, of course.

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barrelsWe’ve nearly reached the end of Tim Cammack’s Orky odyssey, but there’s certainly no dip in quality.

This scenario bears a few similarities to the mall part of Left 4 Dead 2’s “Dead Center” campaign, although given that this was first published in Citadel Journal 29 (in 1998) it’s probably safe to say that it’s coincidental!

One of the Mobs have run out of Squig Juice and will have no fuel for their vehicles until they can get back to their fort with the new supply they have just bought in town (Orks are so stupid that they will often run out of fuel before they realise that they are low!). The other Mob has just heard this news from a sneaky Grot informer and is seizing the opportunity to attack, attempting to bash their enemies and nick all their fuel.

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(image by Cleary Ambiguous licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license)

engineAnother scenario by Tim Cammack, this time it’s about orks meeting up to gun their engines, drink heavily, and engage in ridiculous contests to find out who is the orkiest. VROOM!

Once in a blue moon Orks join together in fellowship to praise the wonderous invention of the Engine. All the rest of the time they are out to prove they’ve got the ‘ardest vehicles around. What better way to do this than in a ‘Uge ‘ed ta ‘ed Trukk-Fest’?

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(image by mordberg licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 license)

grot-townHere’s the second scenario from Into Da Big Nuffink by Tim Cammack. It features grot NPCs for players to attack, a feature we’ve not seen elsewhere.

Several Mobs have organised a Gretchin extermination hunt. After all, Grotz shouldn’t be allowed their own freedom, they need a proper Ork to show them what’s what. If they’re not kept under control the Orks could all have revoltin’ Grotz on their hands and Gork knows that they’re bad enough as it is.

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(image by eugene licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 license)

In Gubbinz there was an article called Into Da Big Nuffink written by Tim Cammack which provided rules for five different scenarios. We’re going to be sharing them with you in a teasing way by releasing them one by one, rather than all at once.

Why? Well, to be honest, the way we like to post scenarios as individual entries makes it easier on our system that way. Our setup lists the number of articles in the scenario category, this way that number will accurately reflect the number of the damn things we’ve actually got. Yeah, sorry about that rambling!

Sometimes a Mob will just get on everybody’s nerves, they’ll get too big for their own ‘Obnailz and annoy so many of the other mobs with their greedy selfish Orkiness that the other mobs sometimes band together to “Bash ‘em down a peg or two”. This is especially true for an old, successful well-established mob (with a high Mob-Rating) who get a bit too hard for any one mob to take on, on their own.

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23 Apr 2010

Get Da Gits

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adrian_markusThe third and final scenario in Get Scrappin’ is finally online!

Every Ork will tell you that no-one likes a show off. If a mob starts struttin’ around Mektown like they own the place then other mobs will be more than happy to take them down a peg or two by attacking their fort. They won’t attack just to get more scrap or rescue one of their boyz, they will attack to humiliate the swanky mob and show them just how un-Orky they are.

It’s essentially a siege scenario with different objectives. That’s pretty much all there is to say, enjoy.

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(Pictured: Adrian Wood and Markus Trenkner)

21 Apr 2010


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In December we posted a scenario from White Dwarf 216, Hunt Da Dread, from a feature of three scenarios. Since then we’ve located a copy of WD216 and can present the second scenario from it.


sandgulpers-mapHave you ever wondered what that location was supposed to be?

Out in the desert, many miles from the Skid, there is a grim deserted region known as Gulkartslag: the vehicle graveyard. The area is littered with ancient wrecks and the bones of the dead for miles around. It is a place of immense danger, but also holds immense wealth. An Ork mob brave (or stupid) enough to risk the terrors of Gulkartslag can bring home a veritable mountain of scrap to sell to the Meks. Of course, that’s if they survive!

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Random fact – at the time of writing, the location has only got one result on Google. Bizarre.

12 Feb 2010

Da Bandits

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2008_3_scrap1Here’s another scenario from Gubbinz, a chase scenario this time with scrap counters too.

As I’ve not played it, I’m afraid I’ve not got much to say, although it sounds quite fun to me so perhaps I’ll get a chance to give it a shot.

Written by Jonathon Williams.

A new scenario in which a Mek convoy, laden with scrap, becomes the target of a bandit attack, in a high-speed chase across da Skid.

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10 Jan 2010

Da Necron Rayd

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One thing I hear a lot is that the Necrons appear in Gorkamorka. They’re not a playable faction, although they can appear in a battle and even then, there’s pretty much only one published scenario in which they appear, which happens to be the one available in the PDF below.

As the Necron legions sweep nearer and nearer to Mektown, they destroy mob after mob, until they find yours. The scenario is intended to be played as a grand last battle.

Download PDF

Some questions regarding the scenario, with answers from the author, Andrew Mcaleer.

Q) It says an Ork can pick up a gauss flayer from a dismembered Necron. When? When it’s down? Before it fades out of action?
A) Yes, unless the Ork is in base-to-base contact with the Necron, he will be unable to pick up the Gauss-Flayer as it will have faded away. (Get hand-to-handing if you want rare and meaty gunz!) This is most useful if your mob won’t be retiring at the end of the game.

Q) If it’s when the Necron is down and an Ork has his gun does it still have one if it gets back up again?
A) Correct, if its gun has been stolen, it’s a hand-to-hand only machine. Obviously, therefore, no Ork can steal another Gauss Flayer off it either.

Q) Can Necrons run/charge?
A) Necrons can indeed run and charge, just as in 40K2E.

Q) How far do destroyers move? Treat them like bikes? If so can they thrust?
A) Destroyers follow the rules for skimmers from the 40K 2nd Edition Rulebook. Their slow speed is 8″, Combat speed is 20″ and Fast is 30″. If you lack the 2nd edition 40K rules, treating as a bike is the next best thing.

Q) Destroyer armour penetrated. Do you roll on a damage table? If so which one?
A) The destroyer has its own damage table in WD216. on a 1-2 the Necron Warrior is hit, and the normal rolls for a Necron being shot then take place. If the Necron is killed, the Destroyer moves out of control until it leaves the table, is destroyed, or the Necron makes a successful I’ll be back roll.

On a 2-3 the Destroyer is hit. Roll a further D6 on the Tin’ead Destroyer Damage table:
Tin’ead Destroyer Damage Table(D6)

1 Weapon destroyed.
2 Engine Damaged.
Slow speed (8″) only from now on (or no thrusting if using bike rules)
3 Controls Damaged.
Roll a D6 every turn. On a 4-6 the destroyer moves as normal, on a 1-3 it moves as Out of Control (40K Rulebook: Skimmers) for that turn.
4 Crash!
The Destroyer moves Out of Control this turn and then crashes. Anybody under the Destroyer takes D3 strength 6 hits with a -2 save modifier.
5 Crash!
The Destroyer drops straight out of the air and is Destroyed. Anybody under the Destroyer takes D3 strength 6 hits with a -2 save modifier.
6 Spectacular Explosion!
The Destroyer moves Out of Control and explodes (blast 3″ radius) Anyone in the Fireball takes D6 strength 6 hits with a -4 Save Modifier.

Q) Metal Flayer
A) As for the Metal Flayer question I’ve seen elsewhere, yes, if you roll a 6 on either dice for Armour penetration, you can roll a further D6 and add that to your Armour penetration roll. That one was GW’s fault for not completely reprinting the Metal Flayer special rule in Gubbinz. It’s in WD218 (pg. 25) if you need the full text again.

(image by slworking2 licensed under a Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 license)

10 Jan 2010

Nob Uv Da Kop

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da-kop This may well have been printed in the Citadel Journal, but we can’t find any reference to it. It was in Gubbinz, a very out of print magazine for Gorkamorka which only made it to a single issue. We’ve also heard that only 5000 were printed, so worldwide it’s not exactly easy to find.

Well, here’s the first scenario from Gubbinz, “Nob uv da kop”, written by Andrew Stickland. From what we’ve dug up he’s written material for Necromunda before, including a scenario or two and rules for “blind fighting”.

We don’t think these rules have been published online before, so we hope you enjoy this exclusive.

Everyone knows there’s piles of scrap all over the place out in Da Big Uz. But some of it is so dangerous to get to, only the toughest and bravest mobs will succeed in bringing it back and reaping the rewards in Mektown.

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(Photo by J. Stephen Conn)

20 Dec 2009

Hunt Da Dread

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We were hunting around for Gorkamorka related stuff online and came across this. It’s from WD 216, January 1998, which also featured two other scenarios which we’ve been unable to find. On the plus side, we’re trying to get a copy of the magazine on eBay.


An industrious Mek and his Spanners uncovered an old Ork war machine in the wreckage of the Hulk. Dragging it back to his workshop, the Mek set about fixin’ it up. However, after loading all its guns, filling up its fuel tank and pressing the big ON button something went seriously wrong. Once activated the machine went on the rampage, killing the Mek and destroying the workshop! It is up to the Orks in the vicinity to destroy the marauding Dread and put an end to its destructive onslaught.

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